The Associated General Contractors of California have in recent years begun recognizing The Safety Effort of a Project Team, which is exactly as it reads.  The project team must describe how they went above and beyond in safety and safety performance.  Of the dozens of submissions, three finalists were chosen, and among those three finalists the Myers Team at “The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge Deck Resurfacing and Electrical Facilities Upgrade” were awarded 1st place in this category.

More information about the awards process can be found here:

Safety Mojo clients continue to benefit from a competitive advantage in not only these awards processes (This is the second year in a row that Myers and Sons has used Mojo) but in the advancement of their safety programs and overall safety performance.

Myers and Sons Construction – 1st Place – Safety Efforts of a Project Team – Statewide


Clinton Myers and his Project Team receive the award at the AGC Awards Luncheon.

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