August 17, 2016

Safety Mojo Teaches at Cal State Dominguez’s Chinese Outreach “State Administration of Workplace Safety Training Program”

Safety Mojo Founder Chris Morgan had the pleasure of presenting to approximately 25 officials from the Chinese Version of OSHA.  This annual event is meant to be a shared learning experiences between our two countries, with the Chinese delegation visiting with private and public safety professionals to better understand how we each achieve safety and health management goals.

Our Presentation “Technology and Equipment Utilization for Monitoring” lasted approximately 3 hours and was well received by the group of Chinese Government Officials ranging from the Director of OSH Supervision in China to the Director of the Occupational Disease Unit of OSH within China.  The presentation content spanned several technologies, including GPS, Drones and we certainly discussed apps and their benefit as well!

For more information about how Cal State Dominguez is a pioneering OSHA Training Institute Click Here  Other presenters included State and Federal OSHA representatives, only one other vendor was invited to present, 3M.

The following delegates attended from China, the list is meant to how their OHS oversight structure differs from our own.



Chris Morgan:  “This was an interesting presentation, any time you have an interpreter filtering your intended words its certainly challenging to make sure your topic is well received.  Some of my analogies did not translate well at all, but it’s wonderful how easy it is to share a common interest in safety!  Normally I wouldn’t speak to social issues, but I was very unhappy to hear these folks don’t get to enjoy social aspects of America while on their trip… several years in a row and no fun!!  When I get to China some day you can guarantee they will have to entertain this American!”

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