Griffith’s Safety Application Earns Unique Safety Award

The Unique Safety Award went to Griffith Company for its development of a safety application.
Unique Safety Award
Griffith Company 

The Griffith Company Safety Program incorporates a special combination of industry best practice and real people dynamically devising industry first methods to solve age old problems in construction.

They recognize the value of conforming to basic standards of safety, but they do not believe standardization of each process fits all work environments, or their culture. From their perspective, the ability to dynamically decide their work practices provides for a sound approach to their work and successful end results. They are innovative in their safety practices and thus, they were awarded the AGC 2014 Unique Safety Award for their development of a safety application. The “Safety Mojo” named after Mastery of Job Application is a system that has improved their incident report time, notification to management, and offers easy analytics.

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