The State of California continues to “up it’s game” for better or worse!

This year all first aid treatment provided by medical providers shall be reported to the WCIRB for Employer Modification Rate (EMR) calculations.

Why does this matter?

Previously only medical treatment above first aid was reported to the WCRIB, which means there was less frequency.  The EMR calculations are based primarily on frequency, so increasing frequency should raise rates.

But it’s an even playing field right?

Absolutely not.  Two methodologies fly under the radar of this process.

  • Unregulated medical treatment, first aid care providers.  These providers are not regulated by OSHA and do not report their activity to anyone other than their clients.  Utilizing mercenaries to handle your first aid treatment may actually pay off in this regulatory environment.  Oh you don’t like that term?  We do, mercenaries are very handy.
  • Deductible Insurance Programs.  If you have a 5k, 10k, 250k deductible in your workers compensation policy, you might already realize that you have liability you can absorb without filing to your insurance carrier (not that we would suggest to do that).  In this environment, a company with a first dollar program (no deductible, every dollar insured) will be inclined to report everything to their carrier where a deductible program may not.

If you have a deductible WC program and a Third Party First Aid provider, you’ll experience a competitive advantage over your peers.

Be smart, get in front of the issues and help your company, Safety Mojo has it’s finger on the pulse of the industry.  Stick with us and stay informed.

See the official notice from WCIRB below:


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